OKLAHOMA CITY – The Senate General Government Committee failed to approve legislation Thursday that would have updating the Oklahoma Central Purchasing Act.  Senate Bill 1360, by Sen. Ron Sharp, R-Shawnee,  

Millions of dollars are being funneled through these for-profit Have no authority to get the purchase records of for-profit management companies Non-elected boards who are overseeing SDE & virtual charter school board said they have problems getting this information – and holding these entities accountable for how they utilize state funds.

Nonprofit charters that are managed by a for-profit educational management company

Statewide virtual charters

modifies the term “state agency” within the Oklahoma Central Purchasing Act. The term is broadened to include nonprofit corporations receiving funding from the state. The provisions of the measure shall only apply to funding received from the state and shall not apply to other funding sources.

The Oklahoma Central Purchasing Act outlines rules for how all agencies, boards, commissions and other entities that receive state funding.

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