Senator Sharp’s record of legislative success is just another reason why we need Ron Sharp in the State Senate.

Senator Sharp has a long history of legislative success. In addition to working on hundreds of pieces of legislation, Senator Sharp has been the author of dozens of pieces of legislation that became law. Senator Sharp has also never had a bill vetoed by the Governor.

Measures Signed Into Law

1) SB 550 (2013) Limited unfair sales taxes

2) SB 1181 (2014) Created the Oklahoma STEM State of Mind” program. The Science, Technology. Engineering, and Math programs in our schools based on the organization of STEM Regions and STEM Communities created with this legislation.

3) HB 2956 (2014) Small Employer Quality Jobs Incentive Act extended to allow areas such as eastern Oklahoma county for economic development

4) HB 2730 (2014) Created the Oklahoma Secondary Schools Association Accountability Act (OSSAA under Open Records and Meetings Act)

5) SB 1235 (2014) Office of Juvenile Affairs permitted to access records from the Department of Mental Health to assist juveniles in custody

6) SB 1612 (2014) Provided legal remedy for enforcement of the visitation rights of the non-custodial parent.

7) SB 20 (2015) Provided for recognition for teachers certified in other states after passing background check

8) SB 189 (2015) Created the Oklahoma Performance Informed Budget and Transparency Act (all agencies must submit performance goals and the process to achieve those goals in order to maintain appropriation)

9) HB 1477 (2015) Implemented the electronic jury selection system for Oklahoma updating the out-of-date jury selection wheel

10) SB 5 (2015) Provided legal immunity from liability for school employees when using reasonable force when breaking up fights within a school

11) HB 1515 (2015) Prohibited an insurance company from denying a claim if the physician prescribes Proton Therapy in cancer treatments

12) HB 1965 (2015) Dees-Birch Anti- Texting Law (senate author and carried legislation on the floor after it became a leadership bill)

13) SB 2599 (2016) Established the limitation of drones to 400 feet and defined in statute a critical infrastructure facility

14) SB 929 (2016) Created the 2016 Workforce Oklahoma Academic High School Diploma Recognition Act (5-tiered diploma recognizing academic excellence)

15) SB 1017 (2016) Required Pawnbrokers to photograph certain items and information (request bill from Pawnbrokers to establish uniformed standards

16) SB 1004 (2016) Modified dropout rate reporting by school districts to the OSDE.

17) SB 1214 (2016) Modified the acquittal verdict on the grounds of insanity (Request bill from District Attorney of Pottawatomie County after the brutal death of an East Central student in the county)

18) SB 1070 (2016) Allowed the local law enforcement agency to contract to a third party to transport mental health patients (allowed professionals trained to properly care for such patients without the procedures required by law enforcement/ human methods for transporting nonviolent individuals)

19) SB 115 (2017) Allowed law enforcement to scan tags for uninsured motorists by the on-line verification system (1 in 4 drivers did not have auto insurance coverage. Insurance rates were close to doubling other states. This legislation has reduced the uninsured motorist rate and reduced premiums.)

20) SB 632 (2017) Created the Education Compact for Students in State Care (education students in state care standards)

21) SB 114 (2018) Modified standards for county officers (court clerks and county clerks) in allocating funds (financial transparency at the county level)

22) SB 880 (2018) Transferred STEM program education and accountability to Career and Education Technology Board

23) HB 3222 (2018) Eliminated outdated standards in the Department of Education

24) HB 1926 (2019) Provides for cameras to be used on school buses for violations of illegal passing a stopped school bus. Creates a Revolving Fund to help districts purchase cameras for their buses

25) SB 590 (2019) Allows counties to pay for employees continuing education classes that benefit job performance

26) HB 3242 (2020) Exempts Medicare Supplemental Insurers from premium rate filing requirements (makes state insurers competitive with out of state insurance companies)

27) SB 1115 (2020) Allows those teachers with emergency certification to have extended contracts if approved by the local district board

Measures Authored by Senator Sharp

MeasureDate of last actionTitle
SB9672/5/13Schools; establishing a minimum salary schedule for teachers; providing a one-time pay increase for
SB10182/5/13Deferred Deposit Lending Act; modifying certain finance charge; increasing dishonored check charge.
SB4272/5/13Teacher evaluations; delaying certain deadlines under the Oklahoma Teacher and Leader Effectiveness
SB4422/5/13Texting and driving; making certain acts unlawful; providing penalties; providing exceptions. Effec
HB15022/27/13Schools; appeal process for students denied a standard diploma to the board of education of a school
HB19813/12/13Game and fish; relating to hunting licenses; modifying duration and cost of certain nonresident lice
SB4873/14/13Anti-Drug Diversion Act; authorizing the Director of the Oklahoma State Bureau of Narcotics and Dang
HB11003/21/13Schools; prohibiting Legislature from enacting mandate unless sufficient funding is provided; effect
SB4334/9/13Negligence; limiting liability for certain emergency care. Effective date.
SB4314/25/13Schools; discipline procedures in public schools; task force to study. Effective date. Emergency.
SCR125/15/13Concurrent Resolution; congratulating the Choctaw High School Pom Squad for winning the American Sho
SCR175/15/13Concurrent Resolution; congratulating the Oklahoma Baptist University men's and women's swimming and
SCR185/15/13Concurrent Resolution; congratulating the Oklahoma Baptist University men's and women's indoor and o
SR345/16/13Resolution; recognizing the life and accomplishments of Gordon Cooper; declaring May 15, 2013 as "Go
SB13452/4/14Schools; allowing school districts to issue fines for violation of district policy. Effective date.
SB13762/4/14Schools; providing immunity for administering corporal punishment; providing for plans of improvemen
SB21182/4/14Oklahoma Teachers Retirement; allowing for certain employment and earning limitations. Effective da
SB13842/4/14Cities and towns; clarifying language. Effective date.
SB13852/4/14Corporation Commission; modifying statutory language. Effective date.
SB14512/5/14Department of Human Services; requiring legislative approval prior to certain reorganization. Effec
HB28052/19/14Firearms; enacting the Oklahoma Firearms Sales and Manufacturing Initiative; effective date.
SB18234/2/14Assault on school employees; creating felony and modifying certain punishment. Effective date.
SB13294/3/14Small Employer Quality Jobs Incentive Act; modifying definitions. Effective date.
SB18094/21/14Oklahoma Certified Real Estate Appraisers Act; requiring criminal history records check; providing e
HB29384/22/14Schools; requiring State Board of Education to promulgate certain rules.
HB29564/22/14Revenue and taxation; Small Employer Quality Jobs Incentive Act; population restrictions.
HB31734/22/14Schools; requiring certain records under the Oklahoma Teacher and Leader Effectiveness Evaluation Sy
SB11814/28/14Schools; creating the Oklahoma-A STEM State of Mind Program; creating an advisory committee. Effect
SB12354/29/14Office of Juvenile Affairs; permitting Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services to a
SR424/29/14Resolution; recognizing the historic career of National Appaloosa Horse Racing Hall of Famer, Bill H
HB27305/23/14Schools; creating the Oklahoma Extracurricular Activities Accountability Act.
HB26175/23/14Crimes and punishments; clarifying certain prohibited acts; effective date.
SB16126/3/14Enforcement of visitation rights; modifying procedures relating to enforcement of visitation rights.
SB3342/3/15Income tax; providing deduction for completion of specified course. Effective date.
SB992/3/15Fees for civil cases; modifying certain assessment. Effective date.
SB452/3/15Schools; providing a pay increase to support employees. Effective date. Emergency.
SB492/3/15Teacher salary; establishing a minimum salary schedule for teachers. Effective date. Emergency.
SB2212/3/15Reading Sufficiency Act; removing limits on teams; providing for referrals to summer academies. Eff
SB2522/3/15Mental health; permitting law enforcement to contract with third parties for certain purposes. Effec
SB6702/3/15District court judgment dockets; prohibiting fee for certain certification and entry. Effective dat
SB1052/3/15Teachers' Retirement System; allowing certain post retirement employment; certain earnings limitatio
SB592/3/15Peace officers; modifying requirement for tribal law enforcement. Effective date.
SB672/3/15Distracted driving; prohibiting certain acts. Effective date.
SB1002/3/15Crime and punishment; clarifying certain prohibited acts; deleting certain construing provisions and
SCR12/4/15Concurrent Resolution; encouraging high schools to partner with technology center schools for JROTC.
HB14722/12/15Mental health; permitting law enforcement agency to contract with third party to provide transport s
SB2602/19/15Insurance; motor vehicle verification. Effective date.
HB17633/9/15Schools; requiring school districts to adopt a grading policy; allowing certain students to graduate
SB2613/10/15Termination of parental rights; modifying certain procedures. Effective date.
HB11173/18/15Crimes and punishments; modifying eligibility requirements for earned credits; effective date.
SB2963/25/15Weights and measures; repealing language regarding misrepresentation of prices and quantities. Effe
SB464/7/15Hearing aids; requiring applicants for certain license to pay certain costs. Effective date.
HB15154/20/15Insurance; prohibiting health benefit plan from holding certain therapy to a higher standard of clin
SB54/21/15Schools; providing immunity from liability for education employees for use of reasonable force.
SB204/21/15Teacher certification; providing for certification of out-of-state teachers. Effective date. Emergen
SB1894/24/15Public finance; creating Oklahoma Performance Informed Budget and Transparency Act of 2015; modifyin
HB14775/4/15Juries; implementing an electronic jury management system in the courts; emergency.
SB9192/2/16Tax credits; modifying time period during which credits may be claimed for investment in certain aff
SB10782/2/16Public finance; modifying requirements related to certain revenue and expenditure estimates. Effecti
SB10882/2/16Public finance; authorizing appropriation subcommittees to develop performance measurements. Effecti
SB8682/2/16Recreational vehicles; lemon law; adding definition; including certain recreational vehicles. Effec
SB9672/2/16Schools; modifying definitions under the School Safety and Bullying Prevention Act. Effective date.
SB12132/2/16Education Leadership Oklahoma; allowing awards for certain renewal fees. Effective date.
SB9942/2/16Limited liability companies; establishing appraisal rights for members of limited liability companie
SB12222/2/16Solar energy; creating the Oklahoma Solar Energy Development Act. Effective date.
SB13982/2/16Alcohol; creating the Responsible Beverage Server and Sales Training Act; short title. Effective da
SB12242/2/16State government; creating the Department of Economic Development and Tourism Act. Effective date.
SB9572/9/16Income tax rates; modifying methodology used to make certain determination. Effective date.
SR402/10/16A Resolution congratulating the 2015 Class 6A Fast Pitch Softball state champions, the Choctaw Lady
SB9842/24/16Teachers; creating the Oklahoma Teacher Loan Forgiveness Program for certain teachers. Effective dat
HB22573/1/16Professions and occupations; Construction Industries Board Act; modifying powers and duties of the C
SB14563/7/16Oklahoma Appraisal Management Company Regulation Act; requiring notice of disciplinary actions. Eff
HB25983/10/16Public buildings and public works; authorizing subcontractor to submit a request for release of reta
HB26443/16/16Professions and occupations; providing for powers of the Construction Industries Board; effective da
HB24343/21/16Insurance; requiring lenders to provide certain notification to insured when lender receives certain
SR473/23/16A resolution recognizing and applauding the educational contributions of the Youth Aviation Adventur
SB12774/7/16Motor vehicles; creating Sooner State ABATE special license plate; . Effective date.
HB23154/11/16Schools; authorizing certain instruction to count toward school district treasurers' and encumbrance
SB10044/12/16Schools; modifying frequency of dropout report submission to the State Department of Education. Eff
SB10174/12/16Pawnbrokers; providing for photographs of certain items and information. Effective date.
SB14554/25/16Ad valorem; specifying methodology for valuation of certain property related to lumber and building
SR594/25/16A Resolution commending the life and career of retired Oklahoma City Assistant Fire Chief and Public
HB25464/26/16Professions and occupations; modifying various provisions of the Oklahoma Appraisal Management Compa
SB9115/9/16Schools; allowing boards of education to adopt procedures requiring students to perform campus-site
SB12145/9/16Verdicts; relating to acquittal on grounds of insanity; sentences; probation; reporting requirements
SB12175/9/16Mental health; modifying certain definitions. Effective date.
HB25995/18/16Unmanned aircraft; prohibiting operation of an unmanned aircraft over a critical infrastructure faci
SB9296/6/16Schools; creating the 2016 Workforce Oklahoma Academic High School Diploma Recognition Act.
SB10706/6/16Mental health; relating to transportation of certain persons; providing certain construction. Effe
SB132/7/17Income tax; declaring certain actions null and void; providing for tax rate change under specified c
SB1632/7/17School contracts; allowing districts to enter into a mutual contract for financial services. Effecti
SB1642/7/17Special education; requiring certain schools to make publicly available certain information. Effecti
SB42/7/17Limited liability companies; establishing appraisal rights for members of limited liability companie
SB6262/7/17Courtroom interpreters; qualifications and requirements. Effective date.
SB442/7/17Texting and driving; prohibiting certain actions; providing penalty. Effective date.
SJR12/7/17Constitutional amendment; increasing limit on amount of school district indebtedness; deleting obsol
SJR22/7/17Constitutional amendment; raising maximum property tax increase for purposes of school district buil
SB32/13/17Motor vehicle insurance; requiring certain documentation after violating Compulsory Insurance Act. E
SR12/14/17A resolution applauding the 2016 Class 3A State football champions, the Jones Longhorns; congratulat
SB82/15/17Teacher pay; establishing a minimum salary schedule for teachers. Effective date. Emergency.
SB633/1/17Firearms; background check procedures. Effective date.
SR73/15/17Resolution imposing punishment upon Senator Ralph Shortey for disorderly behavior pursuant to Sectio
SB814/11/17Student discipline; lowering the grade level at which students can be subject to out-of-school suspe
HB11084/13/17Cooperative Circuit Engineering Districts Board; modifying various board appointment, plan developme
SB1144/17/17Counties and county officers; county clerk and court clerk; provisions relating to allocation of cer
SB454/24/17Educator contracts; allowing the State Department of Education to contract with educators for certai
SB1154/24/17Uninsured motorists; online verification system. Effective date.
HB19574/24/17Schools; removing requirement that persons enrolled in alternative placement program document certai
HB16024/25/17Schools; requiring school districts to adopt a grading policy; effective date; emergency.
HB21564/26/17Schools; permitting world language to be a set of competencies; effective date.
SB6325/2/17Education of students in state care; creating the Education Compact for Students in State Care Act.
SB555/25/17Motor vehicle license plates; creating Sooner State ABATE special plate; creating specified and desi
HB14445/26/17Definitions and general provisions; designating certain state holiday; effective date.
SB4935/31/17Standard weights and measures; misrepresentation of prices and quantities; repealer. Effective date.
SB89/26/17Teacher pay; establishing minimum salary schedule; providing conditional effective date.
HB107411/16/17Revenue and taxation; motor vehicle excise tax; making excise tax on certain vehicles be in lieu of
SB11482/6/18Sales and use tax; providing specified compensation to seller or vendor for collection and remittanc
SB8792/6/18Charter schools; removing ability for the State Board of Education to sponsor certain charter school
SB8812/6/18Schools; requiring charter schools and private schools participating in certain program to contract
SB9352/6/18Teachers; requiring a teacher whose certificate has been suspended to remain employed. Effective dat
SB9852/6/18Virtual charter schools; requiring virtual charter schools to report certain graduation rate. Effect
SB9862/6/18School Finance Review Commission; adding members and duties to the Commission. Effective date. Emerg
SB10902/6/18School expenditures; prohibiting certain schools from using certain funds on certain private lessons
SB11152/6/18Schools; requiring a financial penalty to be assessed against school districts that fail to meet cer
SB14362/6/18Statewide Virtual Charter School Board; removing language allowing certain decisions to be appealed
SB15802/6/18Mining; modifying term limit of certain permit. Effective date.
SB10062/6/18Elections; providing for payment of expenses of certain special elections. Effective date.
SB8993/1/18School employees; requiring school district employees to complete certain training. Effective date.
SB9773/26/18Oklahoma Community Economic Development Pooled Finance Act; modifying certain prohibition. Effective
SB8804/12/18Science, technology, engineering and mathematics education; modifying entity responsible for certain
HB32224/12/18Schools; repealing rewards program for monetary prizes based on obsolete academic performance data m
SB14354/16/18Student discipline; allowing a school district to adopt alternative disciplinary actions. Effective
SB1762/5/19State government; requiring annual audit of the State Department of Health. Effective date.
SB2472/5/19State agency head salaries; prohibiting certain salary increase under certain conditions; requiring
SB5312/5/19Oklahoma State Employees Retirement System; modifying sum deposited into certain savings plans. Effe
SB152/5/19Charter schools; removing ability for certain entities to sponsor charter schools. Effective dates.
SB202/5/19Virtual charter schools; requiring virtual charter schools to create certain inventory system. Effec
SB522/5/19School expenditures; prohibiting certain schools from using certain funds on certain private lessons
SB532/5/19Charter schools; prohibiting dependent school districts from converting into a conversion school. Ef
SB542/5/19Virtual charter schools; providing for calculation of payments to virtual charter schools. Effective
SB552/5/19Virtual charter schools; modifying membership appointing authority of Statewide Virtual Charter Scho
SB562/5/19Virtual charter schools; requiring virtual charter schools to submit certain notifications to reside
SB602/5/19School superintendents; prohibiting the use of certain funds to pay the salary or fringe benefits of
SB822/5/19Student transfers; allowing a resident district to approve or deny certain transfer after certain da
SB1812/5/19Student discipline; allowing a school district to adopt alternative disciplinary actions. Effective
SB2392/5/19Teachers; requiring a teacher whose certificate has been suspended to remain employed. Effective dat
SB2962/5/19Opioid drugs; deleting and modifying certain requirements related to prescriptions. Effective date.
SB692/5/19Limited liability companies; establishing appraisal rights for members of limited liability companie
SB1822/5/19Students; allowing a school district board of education to enter into certain agreement to establish
SB3712/5/19Child custody; modifying requirements for court consideration of preference of child. Effective date
SB2862/5/19Motor vehicles; modifying inclusions for texting and driving. Effective date.
SB3632/5/19Elections; adding payment requirement of certain special election expenses. Effective date.
SB9952/11/19Oklahoma Poultry Products Inspection Act; providing poultry products exemptions authorized by USDA.
HB10682/13/19Schools; School Safety and Bullying Prevention Act; modifying bullying definition; effective date.
SB4802/19/19Motor vehicle license plates; reauthorizing the Sooner State ABATE license plate. Effective date.
SB4812/19/19Special license plates; creating the Oklahoma Tennis Foundation license plate.
SB1772/21/19State government; requiring state agencies publish certain information relating to revenue on an ann
SB1732/25/19Crime and punishment; modifying embezzlement statute to include non-designated public funds. Effecti
SB453/11/19School employees; requiring school district boards of education to adopt certain code of principles.
SB573/12/19Schools; prohibiting certain schools from providing bonus payments for certain recruitment. Effectiv
SB2693/20/19School district boards of education; allowing a board to enter into a multi-year contract with princ
HB22273/26/19Oklahoma Higher Learning Access Program; modifying eligibility for certain students to participate i
HB19534/22/19State employees; authorizing state agencies to pay employees for unused annual leave; effective date
HB19264/25/19Motor vehicles; allowing school districts to install cameras on school bus stop-arms; creating revol
SR55/6/19A resolution recognizing and thanking for service; and directing distribution.
HB10705/13/19Elections; special elections; requiring issuance of Writ of Election; modifying certain special elec
SB5905/13/19Counties and county officers; authorizing county commissioners to approve continuing education progr
SB11772/4/20Occupations and professions; exception to criminal conviction being a license disqualifier. Effectiv
SB10992/4/20Charter school sponsors; requiring a sponsor to review certain items at least annually. Effective da
SB11002/4/20Statewide Virtual Charter School Board; requiring the Board to review certain items at least annuall
SB11532/4/20School expenditures; prohibiting schools from using certain funds to advertise certain services; pro
SB11372/4/20Attorney General; requiring issuance of Attorney General opinions within specified time period. Effe
SB11542/4/20Oklahoma Open Records Act; imposing time limitation on certain requests. Effective date.
SB10832/4/20Crime and punishment; modifying certain offense; updating statutory language. Effective date.
SB10842/4/20Law enforcement training; modifying certain requirements for notification. Effective date.
SB10882/4/20Texting and driving; modifying inclusions; providing exception. Effective date.
SB11622/4/20Motorcycle profiling; requiring certain policy and training. Effective date.
SB11782/4/20Child abuse; directing law enforcement to make certain referrals. Effective date.
SB12652/4/20Law enforcement certification; modifying allowable access. Effective date.
SB12542/4/20Property and casualty insurance; requiring insurer to disclose insurance limits during certain timef
SB11122/4/20Department of Transportation; modifying appointment authority to the Tribal Advisory Board. Effectiv
SB15132/6/20Apportionment; modifying apportionment of taxes; creating revolving fund for certain cost of living
SB13232/6/20Rural electric cooperatives; removing quorum requirement for rural electric cooperative meetings; mo
SB16272/6/20Limited liability companies; prohibiting formation of nonprofit limited liability companies; providi
SB18172/10/20Apportionment; modifying tax apportionment to provide funding for cost of living adjustments. Effect
SB13602/27/20Oklahoma Central Purchasing Act; modifying definition for limited purpose. Effective date.
HB33993/16/20Motor vehicles; providing civil immunity for removing animal from motor vehicle using forcible entry
HB32534/6/20Counties and county officers; authorizing county commissioners to determine years of service that qu
HB33734/6/20Motor vehicles; creating the Shelby Johnson and Logan Deardorf Act of 2020; authority to deny applic
HB36024/6/20Motor vehicles; prohibiting meeting or overtaking a school bus on school property and school parking
SB11335/6/20Schools; modifying definitions and policy requirements under the School Safety and Bullying Preventi
SB13175/6/20Students; creating the State Tribal Education Data Partnership Act Between Tribes and the State of O
SB11155/21/20Teacher certification; allowing the State Board of Education to renew an emergency or provisional ce
HB32425/22/20Medicare; Medicare supplement policies; providing exemption from filing requirements; effective date

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